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GPS: 42°27'51.8"N 27°11'22.3"E; Main road: A1; Sites: Roman Town Deltum, Aqua Calidae; Tourist information center Burgas: Opera underpass, Burgas; Nearest border checkpoint: Malko Tarnovo / Derekoy – 103 km.

Burgas Museums

GPS: 42°29′43″N 27°28′18″E; Main roads: A1, E87; Sites: St. Anastasia Island, Aqua Calidae; Tourist information center Burgas: Opera underpass, Burgas; Nearest border checkpoint: Malko Tarnovo / Derekoy – 83 km.

Yayla neighborhood and the historical houses

GPS: 41°44'46.7"N 27°13'22.5"E; Main roads: D555/E87, D020; Sites: Asagi Pinar Archaeological Area, Kiyikoy Aya Nikola Monastery; Tourist Information Center Edirne: Maarif Cd. No:2, Edirne; Nearest border checkpoint - Malko Tarnovo / Dereköy - 43 km.

Burgas is a city on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. It developed more actively in the beginning of 20th century and today it is a large industrial and tourism center. Built by the sea and surrounded by lakes, Burgas offers relatively mild weather characterized by cooler summers and warmer winters. The population of the city is 211.535. The city is surrounded by three lakes– Vaya (also known as the Burgas lake), Atanaskovsko lake and Mandrensko lake.

The territory of Burgas was populated since ancient times. However at that period most of the lands that today Burgas covers were small fisherman villages and fortifications. It was hard to flourish under the pressure of the better developed at that period trade centers Nesebar and Sozopol.

One of the most acient cities in the region is Edirne. Edirne is a city in Eastern Thrace, in northwest Turkey. It lies on the gently rolling Thracian plains. This city is very old at the same time it has comprehensive cultural wealth. Edirne is one of the oldest settlements of both Thrace and Anatolia. Dating back to the Neolithic age 7.000-6.000 B.C. With last excavations, examples of prehistoric monuments – dolmens, menhirs and tumulus – can be seen from its outskirts, notably in the Çardakaltı prehistoric settlement and in Lalapasa.

Детски атракцион / Amusement Park

Детски атракцион в Морската градина в Бургас / Amusement Park in the sea garden of Burgas

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